Growing Together

About Macadamias

Macadamias are native to the east coast of Australia. Over the years, many varieties have been developed to enhance their quality and to suit different growing conditions.

We are lucky. The Bundaberg region produces premium macadamias that are just at home in an orchard as they are in their native rainforests.

The macadamia growing season begins in Spring when our coastal air begins to warm up and the bees are busy with pollinating the long, creamy sprays of racemes that hang from the trees.

Once pollinated, the clusters of nutlets will develop over the warmer months, when the utmost care is taken to ensure they are thriving with optimum soil conditions and using responsible watering systems.

The Harvest

As we approach the end of Summer, the nuts are fully developed and begin falling from the trees, ready to be harvested periodically for peak quality.

Before we can package the delicious Happy Nut products you know and love, the macadamias are de-husked and go through stringent sorting and quality assurance processes to deliver our quality product that you have come to expect.

Meet Our Farmers

Growing macadamias isn’t just a job. It involves working with Mother Nature and consistently discovering better ways to farm. With sustainability as the cornerstone, our network of farmers grow the quality macadamias that become our universally adored Happy Nut products.

Like us, many of our growers work alongside their families each day and use nature-based solutions to tackle modern problems. These growers form the Freedom Fresh Australia ecosystem, offering full product traceability and first-grade macadamia nuts to create the quality Happy Nut products that you can trust.

We’d love you to meet some of them:

The Emery Family

The Emery Family

The Emery’s are making their mark in the macadamia industry by championing regenerative agriculture and innovation with sustainability at their core. This family-run operation is headed by Nic and Katherine, with their two sons Reid and Kenton who grew up on the 160-acre farm.  Read more
The Goodhew Family

The Goodhew Family

In 2021, Simon and Kate Goodhew moved to Queensland after purchasing a beautiful macadamia farm not far from where wild macadamias are still found in ancient rainforests. Their 33,000 trees are equally at home on their 165-hectare property and provide endless hours of climbing for their four young children. Read more
The Zunker Family

The Zunker Family

The Zunker family’s farming roots run deep beneath Bundaberg’s rich soil, spanning all the way back to colonial times when the iconic sugar industry was first established. Their great-great-grandparents began growing sugarcane, until diversifying into the new century with other small crops including watermelons, sweet corn and cucumbers over six generations. Read more


We work with a passionate network of Aussie macadamia growers that value the same sustainability principles that our family has lived and worked by for over 60 years.

With a sense of environmental responsibility, our family of growers are brought together to share in our vision of producing a quality product that we can all be proud of for generations to come.

We encourage our growers to be Freshcare accredited, Hort360 Reefcare accredited, HACCP accredited and ensure our growers adhere to the Australian Macadamia Society’s Code of Sound Orchard Practices.