The Emery Family

The Emery Family

The Emery’s are making their mark in the macadamia industry by championing regenerative agriculture and innovation with sustainability at their core. This family-run operation is headed by Nic and Katherine, with their two sons Reid and Kenton who grew up on the 160-acre farm. When they made the bold decision to leave the city in 2011, they purchased an underproducing farm and began implementing natural philosophies and efficient processes to turn it around.

“We started following a more regenerative agriculture approach and did away with all the synthetic fertilizers and round up herbicides, and just started concentrating on getting the soil health right,” Nic told us. Growing up on a macadamia farm watching their soils steadily improve inspired Reid to study Regenerative Agriculture at university; one of the first tertiary programs of its kind available in Australia. The results of applying these doctrines to their soil biology has transformed the Emery’s farm into a viable business today with their macadamia trees improving in production year on year.

Nic, a chartered professional engineer, was also attracted to the new technologies and mechanisations used in the industry and applied his knowledge to increase efficiency and reduce wastage as their business developed. Employing advanced technology, their de-husking, sorting and drying facility supports smaller growers in the area who don’t have sufficient equipment and allows them to profit from better results.

Their picturesque macadamia farm also houses permanent European, stingless and native bee populations, which are crucial for pollination during the flowering season. Approximately 40 acres of the property is reserved for native vegetation and an abundance of animals, including small marsupials, echidnas and platypus that can be spotted in the creeks.

Caring for their family, their trees and all the creatures that also call it home, both above and below the soil, has created an environment for life to thrive. Led by their faith and a flexible schedule, the Emery’s have mastered their work-life balance and spend their free time outdoors, boating, fishing and camping on the region’s unspoiled islands. Like us, the Emery’s are committed to quality, care, integrity and the freedom to grow together for a sustainable future.