Nature's Supersnack

Nature's Supersnack

Macadamias are Australia’s gift to the world, originating from our sub-tropical rainforests off Queensland’s eastern shores over 60 million years ago. They have since become a sought-after snack across the globe... and for more reasons than just their buttery taste and addictive crunch.

The health benefits of our native nut are seemingly endless; from helping to improve your mood and your skin, to supporting your heart health. It’s no wonder that macadamias have earned superfood status! Rich in essential nutrients that your body needs, just a handful of Happy Nut kernels gives you a potent boost of protein, manganese, copper, niacin, iron and the healthy monounsaturated fats, like those found in olive oil.  

Macadamias contain ‘The Holy Trinity’ of dietary fibre; prebiotic fibre for producing happy hormones, soluble fibre for cholesterol reduction and insoluble fibre to promote bowel functionality. Their role in your gut’s health doesn’t stop there, with research showing that they aide in diversifying the gut microbiome by stimulating the production of butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that can strengthen the intestinal barrier.

A healthy intake of dietary fibre has been linked to improved cholesterol levels and reduced risk of heart disease. Plus, the plant sterols present in macadamias help to reduce cholesterol absorption in the body, particularly the 'bad' LDL cholesterol. This wonder nut also contains the amino acid called arginine, which helps your body in various ways, including improving blood flow by dilating and relaxing the arteries, wound healing and maintaining immune and hormone function.

What about its anti-aging powers? Another study proposed that the antioxidants in nuts may positively adjust aging processes and play key roles in the relationship between lifespan and health span. The importance of nuts in an adult diet was shown by lowering the risk factors related to age-related diseases like cardiovascular disease and cognitive disorders, whereby influencing the blood lipid count and the body's anti-inflammatory capacity.

Macadamias can also help you to have glowing skin! The boost of manganese and palmitoleic acid delivered by the nutritious nut helps to produce collagen that your skin needs to stay wrinkle-free and supple as you age. Consuming the recommended 30g of protein packed macadamia kernels as a daily snack also helps you to feel fuller for longer to curb those 3pm cravings and fuels your body with slow release energy.

Try the naturally sweet Dry Roasted or Vanilla flavoured Happy Nut today, and you can start reaping the health benefits of our local superfood. Stay on top of your daily dose by purchasing 10 or 20 pack cartons of Happy Nut (delicious discounts apply), so you won’t run out in the pantry. Each resealable pack contains two 35g cracked portions of roasted in-shell macadamias, plus a stainless-steel key to easily crack them open and enjoy whenever, and wherever you go!



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