Festive Feasting with Happy Nut

Festive Feasting with Happy Nut

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Get creative and spread the happiness at your table with your own smorgasbord! Platters and grazing tables are very easy to put together and while there aren’t any rules, we’ve got some tips to make yours sparkle this Christmas.


First things first; decide on the type of platter you need. Cheeses, dips and cured meats with savoury nuts and crackers go down best before the main fare arrives. The subtle sweetness of dried muscatels and Vanilla Happy Nut also pair well with a savoury selection to offset the saltiness.

Sweet platters are great if your celebration lasts for hours after the main meal, provided everyone doesn’t fill up on a big Christmas cake or trifle in between! This is also a great choice to round off a Christmas lunch, as bites are much lighter and can be layered with fresh fruit.


It’s very easy to get carried away in the supermarket aisle with all the beautiful products available during the holiday season. Many specialty cheeses, pastries, deli items and seasonal fruits are so tempting this time of year… and you’ll want them all!

Writing a list before you go helps you visualise your spread, set a budget for each category and ensure you don’t forget anything. For example, sticking to one cheddar, one blue and one brie from your list will help avoid going overboard on your cheeseboard, and makes room for artisan crackers that accentuate their flavours.


The saying is true; we eat with our eyes. Decorating with festive ornaments and servingware that gives extra height helps layer your spread and create a ‘wow’ factor before the food is even on the table. Colour also appeals to our senses; juicy cherries, gorgeous grapes, bright beetroot dip and a scattering of edible flowers will make your platter pop.

To perfect the texture element, think crunchy Dry Roasted Happy Nut macadamias that everyone loves to crack open, mini meringues, melting moments and other crispy pastries. Breaking up shards of your favourite chocolate or slicing up a good sourdough is a cheap and easy way to add a luxurious touch.

Happy Nut Macadamias with Savoury Entertaining Platter

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