New Name - Same Quality - Same Taste

New Name - Same Quality - Same Taste

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Welcome to Freedom Fresh Australia, the home of Happy Nut, produced from premium macadamias that are native to the state of Queensland, and being enjoyed by customers around the world.

The Steinhardt family has been growing fresh food in Bundaberg since 1958. Cultivating their small plot of land in Bundaberg, the family started with tomatoes, peanuts and other small crops before converting their fertile soils to macadamia orchards in the early 2000s.

Macadamias Australia’s journey reached the point of caring for over 200,000 trees on their environmentally sustainable Bundaberg farms, selling single origin macadamias globally.

In 2023, the family business branched off and Freedom Fresh Australia was created under the stewardship of Trevor Steinhardt. Freedom Fresh Australia now continues to exclusively produce and market the globally renowned Happy Nut range, featuring a pre-cut vanilla flavoured macadamia and a popular dry roasted option.

Happy Nut Products

Trevor Steinhardt and his family continue producing the Happy Nut line made from premium macadamias grown in this productive region. The orchards benefit from the ideal climate, soil and slope conditions which are perfectly suited to growing macadamias. The greater Bundaberg region is responsible for the highest volume of macadamia production in the nation, and Australia is the second largest producer and exporter of macadamia kernel globally.

Macadamia products including Happy Nut are loved by customers for their unique buttery taste and health benefits. Macadamia nuts are Australia’s native superfood with a naturally sweet taste and creamy texture. Their nutritious kernels are rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, antioxidants, fibre, plant sterols and protein for long-lasting energy.

In each Happy Nut pack, a stainless steel key is included to twist open the pre-cut shell and reveal the delicious treat inside. This delicious, portable snack is growing in popularity with consumers across the world and can be bought online, or check for availability from your local stockist.

It’s a product that is consistent in its quality and fine flavour, and one which Trevor Steinhardt is proud to continue bringing to existing and new customers alike from farmers located at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.

Freedom Fresh Australia works with a committed group of growers to produce a high-quality product and which together forms the Freedom Fresh Australia ecosystem. The company is dedicated to quality, care, integrity and the freedom to grow together for a sustainable future.

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